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Blog - EN · 16. Dezember 2020
The association HOPE FOR THE FUTURE offers people in prostitution or those affected by human trafficking a programme to prepare for a professional new start.
Blog - EN · 10. Dezember 2020
Individuals who have become victims of human trafficking and exploitation carry experiences of violence, abuse, fraud and degradation. Those who hardly know anything other than poverty, fear and the feeling of worthlessness quickly lose hope for a better nonviolent life. Many of those affected by human trafficking and prostitution lack the belief that they can have a better life. But even for those who find courage and strength and decide to leave, hurdles and difficulties await.

Blog - EN · 03. November 2020
Although forced prostitution is one of our main areas, we also deal with many other topics related to human trafficking, labour exploitation and other exploitative circumstances in which people can be trapped in. Thereby, we also look after clients who were/are forced to beg.

HOPE FOR THE FUTURE | Verein zur Förderung von Personen, die von Menschenhandel bzw. Prostitution betroffen sind

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