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Blog - EN · 02. Dezember 2020
Housework, cleaning work, care work - these are all jobs that are barely or poorly paid and thus suggest a high number of unreported cases of human trafficking. Modern slavery also takes place in Austrian private households, as cleaning, care and nursing staff usually cannot be fully remunerated, and these sectors are not given enough consideration in our social system.
Blog - EN · 18. November 2020
The corona pandemic triggered a wave of unemployment worldwide. Countries that rely heavily on tourism suffered severe economic damages. In Austria, attempts are being made to provide state financial aid for many industries. Whereas the situations in other parts of Europe and the world look much worse. People who live in countries with no functioning social system suffer heavily as they lose their livelihood when they lose their jobs.

Blog - EN · 03. November 2020
Although forced prostitution is one of our main areas, we also deal with many other topics related to human trafficking, labour exploitation and other exploitative circumstances in which people can be trapped in. Thereby, we also look after clients who were/are forced to beg.
Blog - EN · 21. Oktober 2020
It all started with Susan, a young woman from Nigeria. Her story begins similarly to that of Joana, which was shared in our last blog entry. Back in her home village in Nigeria, Susan met a woman called Ivy, who offered her a well-paid job in Europe. Dreaming of a better future for herself, Susan seized the opportunity to start a new life. However, upon arrival in Italy she was immediately taken to a refugee centre as she had no valid papers on her and was supposed to be deported back to Nigeria

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