Providing a path out
of human trafficking
and forced prostitution

Giving Hope & Help

HOPE FOR THE FUTURE offers people in prostitution and other persons who have been affected by Human Trafficking the active possibility for an occupational new beginning,

We see ourselves as an anchor of hope to accomplish the following together with the concerned individuals:

  • Confront the existential fears and worries
  • Explore training and continued training possibilities
  • Make the dream of a self-chosen occupational future in freedom and dignity a reality

Insight into the lives of victims

We tell the stories of our current and past clients. We show how support can change the life of a
human trafficing victim.

Learn more

We can help YOU!

We offer free workshops where you can learn German or word processing. We also offer free workshops where you can learn how to get started in the regular workforce.

In addition to this, there are jobs available in the hotel industry or the sewing trades, which can make the transition to the regular workforce easier. 



We need YOU!

Without individual backers our organisation would not exist. From volunteer support, to a donation, or purchasing our sewn products and unique items, any support is welcome.


Support people in "need"!

Buy hand sewn products from HOPE FOR THE FUTURE – Customised to your needs and, if required, with your company’s logo.

Either as a gift for your employees or your customers – This will be a gift that gives on multiple levels!


About Human Trafficking and Prostitution

What is currently happening at HOPE FOR THE FUTURE

Find your unique piece now

and support with your purchase HOPE FOR THE FUTURE

Every piece is unique – individually designed and handcrafted!


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Coffee hour, tea time, or simply a relaxed evening – chatting, exploring, selecting your favorite bags in a chill-out environment.Topped with a few snacks and some input about our projects in HOPE FOR THE FUTURE. And simply hanging out together.

It would be a pleasure for us to arrange such an event for you and your friends.

Inform your fellow human beings in a relaxed atmosphere and do good!




The issues of Human Trafficking and Forced Prostitution have weighed on my heart for many years. Especially ever since I watched the documentary movie Nefarious regarding those issues, the urge to do something became increasingly greater. The question was only: How can I most effectively help, what makes real sense and what would help the concerned people long-term?

For many years I have been in contact with the leader of Herzwerk, an association that specializes in streetwork in the red light environment. During those years, we exchanged ideas and now for some time, I contribute on a voluntary basis to the Herzwerk to be in touch with the women out there.

There are two important questions, which they ask for the concerned individuals, when they wish to get out of human trafficking or prostitution:

1. Where will I live? – 2. From what will I live?

After numerous conversations, it has become evident to me that there is a specific field, in which there is actually very little done for this group of persons in Austria, and it is precisely in this specific field that I want to be set up in: in the field of integration in the job market.

Even when one offers the victims the possibility to get out, they are mostly very traumatized through their experiences, they have little knowledge of the local language, and they must first become integrated slowly and step-by-step into the normal everyday life. In this task of integration, I want to provide HOPE FOR THE FUTURE as a vehicle of support.

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