Genocide and Concentration Camps in the 21st Century


China, what are you doing?! Europe has done nothing but watch. While we are fighting COVID-19, 1.5 million people are fighting for their lives in China in so-called internment camps.


What are internment camps? These camps are for ‘re-education’. Adrian Zenz, the German social scientist, explains: “The goal is to educate people away from their religion and towards the communism of the Chinese CP. The scale of the systematic internment of an entire ethno-religious minority is probably the largest since the Holocaust.”

Holocaust. Minority. – It chills one’s blood. But who is actually affected? The Uyghurs are a Turkish-speaking ethnic group, of which a large majority are musilms. There are about 11 million Uyghurs living in Xinjiang. It is assumed that there are around 15 million worldwide. Xinjiang is an autonomous province in China.

It is this which is a thorn in Beijing’s side. President Xi and Premier Li Keqiang have explicitly ordered the establishment of these camps, where forced labor, forced sterilization and violence, especially rape of women and children, are the order of the day. It comes from the Xinjiang Papers, which were leaked to the New York Times in 2019. These are 11 documents made up of around 300 pages from the period 2014 to 2018.


The goal of the internment  is the extermination of the Uyghurs. This goal is being pursued using a multitude of methods. One method is the so-called training centres in which around 1.5 million people have been imprisoned for several months. Here the first order of business is shaving the heads of the victims. This is the first humiliation suffered at the beginning of the internment. Women’s hair has cultural status and is part of tradition, which is interwoven with women’s identities. In 2020, US Customs seized 13 tons of human hair. It is assumed that this hair comes from the re-education camps. People are not only tortured here, but also exploited and murdered in cold blood. They are forced to sit on cold ground for hours, learning Chinese and renouncing their religion, all whilst enduring the infliction of violence. Women are regularly raped, have electric batons inserted and pain is inflicted until they lose consciousness. In addition, they have to take pills that stop their menstrual cycle and make them infertile. The list of violent crimes is long. Death is omnipresent and desired in the camps. Far away from the concentration camps, families are infiltrated. They are forced to let strangers live with them to teach them communism. This also means that violence takes place within their own homes every day. And all just to push the agenda and ideology of the Chinese CP out to this remote region.


Xi Ping uses the phrase population optimization. But what is happening here in the 21st century at the hands of one of our country’s largest suppliers of imports, is yet another holocaust. This can be prevented. How can we go about achieving this? Make the topic known! Bringing attention to it, letting the conversations not just pass us by, but speak up for those who no longer have a voice.

Further Information: de/2021/genozid-an-den-uiguren-eine-ethnie-schreit-auf-und-die-welt-hoert-weg/