Addiction and prostitution

Sadly, prostitution is a very lucrative business and the sex workers always seem to get younger and younger. Nowadays, it can be assumed that most women and men who succumb to prostitution come from the East. There are different reasons why they do this job. Those affected are often in a financial emergency, which is why they want to work abroad. They are promised fast and easy money and are forced to go down this path in order to free themselves from their predicament. However, what many do not realise is that this job is a tough backbreaking one. Lack of awareness for this at schools and in families is ever present. Many of those affected have neither trained nor mastered any language. Therefore, prostitution then remains as the ‘easier’ or ‘easiest’ life path.

‘People often go into prostitution to finance addiction, and addictive substances are used to endure prostitution.’

Source: #Sucht: Drogenkonsum führt zur Prostitution – und Prostitution führt zum Drogenkonsum (; Last time of access: 21.01.2021 (7pm)


Especially in the porn industry, where people are only viewed as ‘trading goods’, a lot of drugs are consumed. In order to withstand various perversions, different intoxicants such as cocaine and heroin are offered and taken. It is not uncommon for people to commit suicide. Sometimes sick rape fantasies and disgusting scenes are acted out and in order to deal with this perfidious spectacle, addictive substances are consumed.

Addiction is one of the many results of that. Furthermore, mental as well as physical illnesses occur. Many actors share incidents in which they were persuaded/forced to do things that they did not want to do. It is not surprising that these atrocities leave deep marks and scars on the soul.


Such events and experiences often trigger trauma, depression and anxiety disorders. An increasing number of hard drugs are used to numb oneself. A short-term feeling of happiness is generated through consumption. In the case of an addict, disenchantment soon follows, and the desire for a new high and happiness are inevitable.

Another problem is alcohol addiction. Because alcohol is a socially accepted beverage of pleasure and enjoyment in western countries (just like cigarettes), it can be legally purchased in almost any grocery store.

The result of alcohol being so easily accessible in society leads to more drunkenness. Alcohol can cheer one up and impair the consciousness or ability to react, which is why some people then find it easier to deal with certain situations.


In order to escape sexual exploitation and pornography, help and support is required from various associations and organisations. Herzwerk is one such association. Their social workers visit the sex workers and provide help if any of those affected wishes to leave. Another point of contact is Hope for the Future. This association offers, among other things, free German courses.

In order to counteract addiction, there are facilities for addiction diseases and addiction prevention. Thanks to the help of these associations, people are offered a new opportunity to create a life in dignity and freedom.