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HOPE FOR THE FUTURE offers people who want to step out of prostitution and victims of human trafficking the active possibility of an occupational new beginning, developing steps on that way together with them.

It has become evident that especially women and men who had experienced sexual exploitation in the past are struggling seriously to successfully establish themselves on the job market without any preliminary support and preparation. After such traumatizing experiences in all forms of exploitation the main focus has to be on stabilizing psychologically and finding their way back into the regular routines of everyday life. As most of them are foreigners their lack of German skills poses another big challenge.


This is where our workshops come in. They enable our trainees to develop their skills and talents in a safe and personally reassuring environment. But it is not just about skills, the trainings aim at achieving different goals:

  • Establishing a structured daily routine
  • Strengthening social skills
  • Assessing individual capabilities
  • Increasing work capacity/resilience
  • Conveying core values necessary for the workforce (punctuality, dependability, orderliness, flexibility)

In February 2016 HOPE FOR THE FUTURE started to offer such workshops as workforce preparation. Under guidance of our highly motivated trainers they learn step by step how to produce different kinds of sewing products.

After starting to practice the first straight seam they work their way towards the first fancy scarf – and soon they start tackling more complex trendy bags and backpacks.

Each piece is unique – individually designed and produced!

It is great to see how proud our trainees are of their accomplishments.



The objective for HOPE FOR THE FUTURE is that our trainees, after a successful stabilisation and training phase, are then ready to be integrated into the job market. But even at this stage, the job search is not easy, and there is still a call for assisted, transitional jobs, in order to guide our clients a step further on the way towards self-chosen, job independency.
For the first time, our trainees have the opportunity to gain up to 2 years experience working in an upright, part-time position in the hotel business. They can work collaboratively within the departments of Room Service, Upkeep, Kitchen, Cleaning, or Garden Maintenance, or according to wherever the hotel has opportunities to integrate the trainees into an existing team. Furthermore, situated on-site, there will be a well-furnished but affordable living option available.
Due to their traumatic past, our newly established hotel employees will be supported by a social care worker, addressing themes such as:
  • Organisation of one’s leisure time
  • Setting personal goals and achieving them
  • Dealing with finances
  • Housekeeping
All of this aims at supporting them to successfully and sustainably shape their future personal life and worklife.

Language connects


Starting a new job career is always a challenge. It is especially challenging for people who apply for jobs or trainings in a foreign country which requires to speak a language they are not fully fluent in.

It was always clear to us that good German skills would be key to successfully integrate the HOPE FOR THE FUTURE trainees into the local Austrian job market later on.

German-classes – at differentiated skill levels – are, therefore, an integral part of our training program.

No prior German language skills required. The class focuses on basic vocabulary and grammar – strongly working with visuals, as communication in English as workaround and lingua franca to explain German language concepts is not a given. Final target is to reach A1 and A2 skill level..

This class, held in small groups, focuses on improving German language skills, targeting B1/B2 or C1 skill level. Many occupational trainings in Austria require achievement of B2 level as pre-condition. This step is, therefore, key for many of our trainees to progress in their training journey to get equipped for the jobs they strive for.

Applying German skills is, of course, happening beyond the German classes. In addition, the daily communication in context of the sewing workshops provides an opportunity to test and improve newly acquired language skills.

Some of our German classes are currently being held by volunteers. We are, therefore, always grateful for any new language trainer who wants to join our trainer team.

Use technology


Mastering the basics of word processing is essential for both, daily communication but also for applications for trainings and jobs in the modern working environment.

How do I write a letter or a reply to an email in an appropriate manner? How do I respond to official correspondence? How do I prepare a professional cover letter and CV/resume? Which types of text are suitable for which occasion? How can I format text in a suitable way?

All of these topics are covered in our word processing workshops.

These workshops have been taking place occasionally since 2017 in addition to the sewing workshops. If demand increases, we would also like to offer these courses more regularly as part of the training program offered by Hope for the Future.

We are only able to offer this training content because we gratefully received donations of laptops. We are still looking for additional equipment and would welcome donations of laptops and/or accessories (mouse, keyboard, etc.). We would also welcome additional support from volunteers in this area and look forward to hearing from you if you feel you might be able to help.

Each piece is handmade.

All products in our range have been lovingly designed and made as part of our sewing workshops.
It’s nice to see how proud our trainees are of their work.

With the purchase of these products you support the work of HOPE FOR THE FUTURE.

We can do even more!

As a company, if you need a larger amount of sewing products  (backpacks, bags etc.), feel free to contact us – optionally with your logo:

Our vision is that some of our trainees will work in the  sewing sector on a permanent basis and can be employed by the association or a business that is yet to be founded.