Projects and organisations combating human trafficking

From not for profit organisations and small societies to religious organisations – The activities that combat human trafficking need to take place on national and international levels. Trafficking is a grave threat to human rights that is challenging to prosecute. In order to be successful in combating it  all parties need to take steps towards long term improvement. Every year there are a multitude of information and awareness campaigns that draw attention to the plight of those affected.


To begin with we will focus on the activities and organisations that are based in Austria. Running for a good cause is a trend that is gaining popularity in Austria and the organisation “lightup” is working to use sport to help people to understand trafficking. With the annual lightup charity run they give people the opportunity to participate in the organisation. The money that is donated is used to support organisations that combat trafficking. In addition to this, 10% of the proceeds are donated to Hope for the Future to support those affected by prostitution and trafficking into new careers . The site has further information and details on the run. 

Another person involved in the fight against trafficking: Sister Maria Schlackl who is a member of the order “Salvatorianerinnen”. She is the initiator of the project “Aktiv gegen Menschenhandel – aktiv für Menschenwürde in OÖ” or “Active against trafficking – Active for human dignity in Upper Austria”. A particular focus here is on women and girls that are affected by trafficking and/or forced labour and prostitution. Every year on the 18th of October Sister Maria and her team conduct a information and education event to highlight modern slavery and its destructive nature.


The organisation “The A21 Campaign” is also taking important steps to mobilise people in opposition to trafficking. How? With the “Walk for Freedom”. Around the world silent walks are held to draw attention to the still existing slavery tradgedy. This event is characterised by the dark clothing participants wear and the particular type of walking style that is used.

Since 2007 UN.GIFT, an abbreviation for the United Nations Global Initiative to Fight Human Trafficking, is active in the fight against human trafficking as well. This organisation has the purpose to fight trafficking globally and use the institutions of the UN to support the cause. As of today 140 parties have signed the protocol for the prevention, disruption and prosecution of trafficking especially among women and child victims. This declaration supplements the Palermo convention on organised crime.


The topic of trafficking was thrust on to the political stage in the 2000s. Despite laws being passed, task forces being created and national action plans being implemented, the number of instances of trafficking that are discovered remain alarmingly high! Human trafficking is such an abhorent and widespread crime that govenments alone cannot conquer it themselves. This problem needs a global effort with many participants that rests upon national initiatives and projects. This is where Hope for the Future comes in. We help those affected by trafficking in Austria and support them in finding a self determined career and life that they can live in dignity and freedom