In the colors of your company or with your logo sewn on – always a good idea that does good and supports HOPE FOR THE FUTURE.
You can customize backpacks, bags, wallets and much more on request.

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    Our vision is that some of our trainees will work in the sewing field on a permanent basis and be employed by the association or a business that has yet to be founded.


    In order to be able to expand this training, we are looking for sponsors for the following donations in kind:

    • Cotton fabrics
    • Zippers
    • Sewing supplies (buttons, snaps, sewing threads, sewing needles, etc.)
    • Domestic and industrial sewing machines
    • Laptops and accessories (mouse, keyboard, etc.)
    • Writing materials
    • Learning materials – German as a foreign language

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      We would be happy to add you to our list of sponsors. If you have any questions or ideas, we look forward to hearing from you: office@hopeforthefuture.at


      HOPE FOR THE FUTURE is financed largely through donations. Your donation goes directly into our support work to support women or men who want to get out of prostitution on their way to a new professional future.

      IBAN: AT72 2011 1826 6412 2100

      Your donation is tax deductible!
      Reg. Nr. SO 12762

      Your donation to HOPE FOR THE FUTURE (Reg. No. SO 12762) is tax deductible!

      You can claim your total annual donations to HOPE FOR THE FUTURE up to 10% of your previous year’s income as special expenses at the tax office. Depending on the amount of your income, you will then receive part of the income tax or wage tax paid in the previous year (up to 50% of the donation amount) refunded by the tax office.

      Payment slips, standing orders, account debits and the donation confirmation issued by HOPE FOR THE FUTURE serve as proof.

      Anonymous donations are not tax deductible. First, last name and date of birth (according to the Meldezettel) is required on the donation receipt for identification.

      We transmit your data in encrypted form to the tax office.

      This is how you can send us your data:

      – Send an email to: office@hopeforthefuture.at

      – Call: +43 677 614 815 00
      – By post: Hope for the Future, attn. Andrea Staudenherz, Badgasse 1-7/5/4, 1090 Vienna

      Further information can be found at the BMF

      The HOPE FOR THE FUTURE team thanks you for your donation!