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Blog - EN · 13. Oktober 2020
How do women affected by human trafficking get to Austria? Why do they even get involved in all of this in the first place? Why don't they just run away? We receive many questions about our trainees and have noticed that there is still a lot of prejudice and a lot of misconceptions about forced prostitution in our society. Therefore, we would like to share Joana's story here. In the hope of studying in Europe, she was caught by human traffickers and forced into prostitution in Austria.
Blog - EN · 05. Oktober 2020
This article narrates the founding of HOPE FOR THE FUTURE in 2015 and explains, why human trafficking still plagues the Austrian society.

HOPE FOR THE FUTURE | Verein zur Förderung von Personen, die von Menschenhandel bzw. Prostitution betroffen sind

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