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Blog - EN · 13. Januar 2021
Childhood sexual abuse is an extremely sensitive social problem that receives far too little attention. Unfortunately, sexual abuse is more common than you might think, but in many cases, it is simply hushed up. However, it is the responsibility of every individual and our society as a whole to address child abuse: to raise awareness about the problem and to protect those affected from long-term psychological effects. As long as victims of abuse are not listened to or given the opportunity to...
Future prospects through language lessons!
Blog - EN · 06. Januar 2021
I have been teaching German as a foreign language at Hope for the Future since May 2020. I am also studying social work and educational science at a university of applied sciences. In 2015 I completed my German trainer course in Vienna and support people in various marginalised groups. Our target group are people who are affected by forced prostitution and human trafficking. I am currently teaching a beginner and an advanced group. Around 3-9 visitors take part in the class every day. Our...

Labour exploitation in Austria
Blog - EN · 29. Dezember 2020
When you hear ‘labour exploitation’ you might think of textile factories in Bangladesh or construction in Dubai, but labour exploitation is not as far away as you might imagine. It also occurs every day in Austria. Those affected are invisible to society because they can hardly take part in public life. Since we have recently written some articles on forced prostitution, we will now devote this article to other forms of labour exploitation in Austria.
Blog - EN · 16. Dezember 2020
The association HOPE FOR THE FUTURE offers people in prostitution or those affected by human trafficking a programme to prepare for a professional new start.

Blog - EN · 10. Dezember 2020
Individuals who have become victims of human trafficking and exploitation carry experiences of violence, abuse, fraud and degradation. Those who hardly know anything other than poverty, fear and the feeling of worthlessness quickly lose hope for a better nonviolent life. Many of those affected by human trafficking and prostitution lack the belief that they can have a better life. But even for those who find courage and strength and decide to leave, hurdles and difficulties await.
Blog - EN · 02. Dezember 2020
Housework, cleaning work, care work - these are all jobs that are barely or poorly paid and thus suggest a high number of unreported cases of human trafficking. Modern slavery also takes place in Austrian private households, as cleaning, care and nursing staff usually cannot be fully remunerated, and these sectors are not given enough consideration in our social system.

Blog - EN · 26. November 2020
The following story is that of a woman, who, despite multiple experiences of deception, abuse, violence and exploitation, has found a new way into a self-determined life. HOPE FOR THE FUTURE was able to support her on parts of her way.
Blog - EN · 18. November 2020
The corona pandemic triggered a wave of unemployment worldwide. Countries that rely heavily on tourism suffered severe economic damages. In Austria, attempts are being made to provide state financial aid for many industries. Whereas the situations in other parts of Europe and the world look much worse. People who live in countries with no functioning social system suffer heavily as they lose their livelihood when they lose their jobs.

Blog - EN · 13. November 2020
The first state in Europe to abolish slavery was Denmark in 1722 and the last was Mauritania, where slavery was only illegalised in 1980. Modern slavery makes use of all forms of violence and continues to exist by evading the law. Ownership deeds are no longer possible, but desperate and poor people can be forced into dependency relationships and therefore become subject to the will of others.
Blog - EN · 03. November 2020
Although forced prostitution is one of our main areas, we also deal with many other topics related to human trafficking, labour exploitation and other exploitative circumstances in which people can be trapped in. Thereby, we also look after clients who were/are forced to beg.

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