First Benefit concert for HOPE FOR THE FUTURE

Summer Concert – Impressions

With timbals and trumpets, a lot of vigor, power, and musical sensitiveness, the Bläser Philharmonic Karlsruhe created a wonderful evening. Director Christian Götting motivated his young, dynamic orchestra to top form, and that with a summer temperature of nearly 34C.


"It was inspiring that this grandiose music brought together such a large audience, as well as the concerns of Hope for the Future," said A. Staudenherz, founder of HOPE FOR THE FUTURE.


Additionally, the first products and bags, flower hair wreathes, and jewelry were great hits with the audience. The net receipts of the concerts benefited HOPE FOR THE FUTURE.

HOPE FOR THE FUTURE | Verein zur Förderung von Personen, die von Menschenhandel bzw. Prostitution betroffen sind

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